Week 9 – Makey Makey, and a 2009 Mac Pro


To kick off week 9, we began experimenting with Makey Makey, an easy-to-use circuit board which plugs into a PC or Mac via USB. It allows users to emulate keyboard key presses by using virtually any conductive object. Here at Help Desk, we used bananas to create a piano, but the possibilities are endless, for example, attaching aluminum foil to stairs and then to the makey makey to create a musical instrument controlled by the steps of travelers.

2009 Mac Pro

Since week 8, we have also been working on a 2009 Mac Pro. Thus far, we have upgraded the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) to a new Radeon RX580, but the dated Xeon CPUs (Central Processing Units) create a bottleneck which we will attempt to remove by upgrading them to some slightly newer, 6-core units. No matter what industry you choose to work in, knowledge of computer assembly, disassembly, and repair is a valuable trait, and if you haven’t already, you should invest some time in learning about it.

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