Week 5 – Talent Box, STEM, and Minecraft Redstone

Talent Box

To kick off week 5, we began expanding our curriculum using Empow Studios’ Talent Box. Talent Box is an online suite designed to provide teachers with an easy way to integrate STEM/STEAM into their classroom. Through Talent Box, students can learn about various topics such as 3D design, game design, or programming using high-quality video-based tutorials. Then, they submit their work through the web-based interface, making their teacher’s job much easier. I hope to expand my knowledge of Minecraft Redstone engineering and architecture using this curriculum.

A simple 3×3 Piston Door I created in Minecraft

One might dismiss Minecraft as a mere game for children, but its nature actually allows for contraptions of amazing complexity to be built. Using various Minecraft Redstone techniques and blocks, I created this 3×3 Piston Door. The way redstone works in Minecraft is not unlike the way electricity does in real life, leading to a fun and educational way for students to learn about electrical engineering, as well as engineering in general.

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