Week 21 – AWS Workspaces

Although remote learning is working fairly smoothly, not all students have access to actual PCs or Macs from which they can run certain applications such as Photoshop or Visual Studio for a specific class. AWS Workspaces is supposed to be a solution to this issue.

Upon downloading the Windows client and logging in, I was greeting with a blank desktop, the bare essentials, and a nice Amazon branded wallpaper.

The default setting provides you with 2 Haswell cores at a base speed of 2.4Ghz. Instinctively, I ran Cinebench R20 to gauge the system’s performance, where it achieved a measly score of 418. However, this should not be surprising as I was only using 2 cores.

Changing from 2 cores to 8 brings up this window where you can view the progress of the switch.

And then, this happened. Stay tuned until next week for more info.

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