Week 16 – AWS Educate | Introduction to Amazon Sumerian Module 2

Last week, we took a look at Module 1 of the Introduction to Amazon Sumerian course on AWS Educate. Each module is a small unit with certain “learning objectives” similar to units one would find in a textbook. Module 2 is dedicated to describing the purpose and means of using the Amazon Sumerian service in more detail. First, I learned about how Sumerian can be used to create VR/3D experiences which can be simply run from a web browser, without any coding knowledge required.

A simple demo of a 3D environment which is completely browser based.

I then learned about the intriguing WebVR, which is a Javascript API for sharing VR experiences which can be executed from a web browser. The next page discusses how Sumerian can also be used to create AR or Augmented Reality applications as well. The course then explains how the Sumerian editor can be used to create 3D environments with ease using built-in assets and environments. Users can then take another short quiz of 5 questions, and continue to module 3, which I will be reviewing next week. Until then, stay safe.

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