Week 12 – Mac Pro Update

To wrap up the Mac Pro upgrades, we began the two-week process of de-lidding two new hexa-core CPUs to replace the old quad core ones. After multiple failed attempts, we now have two 6-core Xeons with no visible damage. Upon swapping them in, an error was thrown, so the original CPUs were put back in their original places, and we are now in the process of updating the Mac Pro’s firmware. When de-lidding the CPUs, it is important to check online for where the capacitors around the edge of the die are, because as we found out, it is very easy to damage them by inserting the CPU into the vise grip in the wrong direction. Hopefully the time will be well spent, and it will be in working order with four extra cores, two more on each of the two CPUs.

The Xeon W3570 in its early 2000’s glory

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